January 30, 2016

About Me

me2I am Susan Roby Berdinka, I design, build, and maintain websites and offer graphic design services for Eastern Long Island and surrounding areas for small businesses, non-profits, and religious organizations as well as individuals. I specialize in open source content management systems written in PHP, primarily WordPress and Drupal. My desire is to use my strong programming background to make web design and desktop publishing affordable.

I am also a librarian in Suffolk County, New York, focusing on cataloging: creating metadata and classifying materials so patrons and other information professionals can find it easily. I have worked in various capacities of library service since 2005. Prior to that as a software engineer I developed Win32 network applications in an R&D environment.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science/Applied Mathematics from SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome, and a Master of Library and Information Science from St. John’s University in Queens.

Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in the articles are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of any organization with which I am affiliated.