Assaulting our Basic Liberties

“In the blood-heat of pursuing the enemy, many people are forgetting what we are fighting for. We are fighting for our hard-won liberty and freedom; for our Constitution and the due processes of our laws; and for the right to differ in ideas, religion and politics. I am convinced that in your zeal to fight against our enemies, you, too, have forgotten what you are fighting for.”
― Julia Child, My Life in France
, in reference to the McCarthy Hearings….

We cannot continue to accept the status quo. Both major parties have abandoned liberty issues. George Bush’s “Patriot” Act (authorities no longer need a warrant or prove cause) was not repealed by Barack Obama, who then signed the NDAA (citizens can be indefinitely detained without being charged).

Tyranny and exploitation do not slumber, but are only kept at bay by the sacrifice of patriots. Our leaders have failed us, but our nation is far from lost. Together, we can take back our country and restore the promise of freedom, and move forward confidently into the future as we continue this, the Great American Experiment in self-government.

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from The Problem and its Solution, Chris Edes’ blog.

Please watch this excellent piece of journalism by Rachel Maddow of the dangers of the NDAA:

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