Westhampton Free Library Unionization

There is an article in the Southampton Press which, I feel, fairly covers the goals of the Library unionization effort (since successful). I was interviewed for this article and am quoted accurately. The day the article was published I received a phone call at work from Jack O’Dwyer, who apparently writes his own blog about Read more about Westhampton Free Library Unionization[…]

How I Stopped Robocalls From Disturbing My Life

During one of the recent data breaches, my information was breached. More specifically, my cell phone number is now in the hands of spammers. Several times during the day, my phone will ring. The caller ID will display a number (usually out-of-state and cities where I know no one). In the beginning I would pick them up Read more about How I Stopped Robocalls From Disturbing My Life[…]