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Westhampton Free Library Unionization

There is an article in the Southampton Press which, I feel, fairly covers the goals of the Library unionization effort (since successful). I was interviewed for this article and am quoted accurately.

The day the article was published I received a phone call at work from Jack O’Dwyer, who apparently writes his own blog about Westhampton Beach news. He asked me my opinion of Maria Moore. I answered “I have no comment on Maria Moore or any other Library board member.” I refused to answer any of his questions. He later emailed me asking me about union leadership and requesting to take photographs. I replied that the union has not selected any leaders, and that I did not feel a photograph was appropriate at this time. That is the extent of our conversation. I have ignored further email correspondence I have received from him.

He has since published on his blog (Google his name – I am not going to link it here), using my name among others, as his source indicating the “anger” of the Library staff, along with our alleged concerns about Westhampton Beach village political issues.

For the record, the Library staff is not “angry.” Our unionization effort is for exactly what we stated in our mission statement. We have no stand on any issue of village politics or people in authority at the village. Only a handful of staff members actually reside in the village, and I am not in a position to express their individual views.

We echo Danielle Waskiewicz’ sentiment in that we the Westhampton Library Staff Association “look forward to engaging in good-faith negotiations … to reach a fair contract.”


Spring DLIS Symposium

When you view it on Slideshare you can select “download” and read the notes I (sorta) talked from.

RDA, Cataloging, and OPAC Displays

The problem with the OPAC is not the bibliographic metadata. In this digital information environment, good cataloging is more important than ever, authority work in particular. It is the software that we are using to search it that is the problem.

In general, librarians understand metadata. It is the rare librarian who understands software, and its potential.

One of my favorite Twitter librarians, Aaron Tay from the National University of Singapore (@aarontay), pointed me in the direction of this article….

“…Disentangling bibliographic data from UI engineering is one of the greatest promises of the linked-data movement for libraries. The sooner that concept gets across… well, the better discussions we’ll have about rda, bibframe, and linked data.” … Read More

via Gavia Libraria (the library loon)

He is an example of someone who has “Caught the Vision”.

The user experience is solely dependent on the quality of the OPAC software. That quality

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