May 20, 2013


Every small business or non-profit needs a web presence in the 21st Century. But the cost of web development can be off-putting. Let’s talk!

There are so many options available. I will work with you and your budget.  I work primarily with WordPress, secondarily with Drupal. I can also create using another CMS, if you have a preference. I can help you find affordable hosting, so you only pay for what you need and not for features that you will never use.

If you are already paying for hosting, and have a website created with one of the drag and drop interfaces, you will be amazed at the search engine optimization benefits of using a modern CMS with the SEO metadata built right in – that’s what makes Google and Bing happy.

I have even built a few websites on to save the client money. There are drawbacks to such an approach, but if the cost of web hosting is prohibitive to you and/or you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, let’s talk.

I won’t disappear once the job is done! My maintenance clients know they can expect speedy and accurate updates to their websites. You can focus on growing your business and I will maintain your website.